Self-taught local photographer specializes
in newborn, baby and family photography


Sara Corman is a local photographer who specializes in newborn, baby and family photography. Voted Best in Business the last two years in Jessamine County, Corman is self-taught and said she became a photographer after she started taking pictures of her son and friends’ kids more than four years ago.

“A year after my daughter was born, I went full time into photography,” Corman said. “My favorite thing (about photography) is providing that moment for parents specifically where you just kind of push pause.”
For family sessions, Corman said she is picky about what time of year she will book for photos.
“I am usually very spring and fall,” Corman said. “Summer is just too hot in Kentucky. In the winter, it is cold and ugly outside.”
A session, she said, lasts typically about an hour. Corman tries to book sessions around good lighting and shoots at a variety of outdoor places in central Kentucky. Her sessions focus on trying to make the photo shoot as fun as possible.
“I want interaction,” Corman said. “I want people to have fun with their kids. My favorite thing is dads tossing their kids in the air. Let’s photograph that because you know they do that all the time. They are little, and they are only going to do that for a short amount of time.”
Newborn sessions, Corman said, can last three to four hours and are held in her studio at home. Typically booked months in advance during the mother’s second trimester of pregnancy, babies come to Corman between five to eight days old, making it the perfect time to snap these types of photos because they are sleepy and poseable.
“They (parents) come with a baby and a way to feed a baby and that is it,” Corman said. “We do family stuff first because it is usually pretty quick, and then they just get to sit and chill and relax. I try to keep it really relaxed for them because I know they are exhausted new parents. Parents can also pick colors to coordinate with the home or nursery.”
All sessions, family and newborn, come with the digital images and print release.
“I am very detail oriented and I am very patient with babies,” Corman said. “I am not going to rush it. I get a lot of parents that come in and say they were fussy, or they are not very settled, and I just want them to know I got this. I am not new to this anymore. I don’t want parents leaving feeling like it was a stressful session. I know how to keep them safe. In newborn photography, there is a tremendous amount of safety that needs to go into that because you are talking about somebody’s baby. I have done so many trainings on how to pose safely and how to make it look great.”
Newborn photography, Corman said, is a relatively new style in the grand scheme of photography. One of her favorite things about providing this service to families is being able to photograph and highlight the newborn’s first moments.
“They come to me at like a week old,” Corman said. “They are brand new little things and they change so quickly. Being able to highlight these first moments and the little tiny details (is what I love). I like that these parents now are being able to remember the peach fuzz and things like that — and of course snuggling babies is super fun.”
Corman said only 10 percent of her time is actually spent taking a photo at the newborn sessions. The photos come quick, and the rest is editing, but there is a lot more work that goes into each session.
“There is so much that goes into soothing them, calming them, posing and wrapping and working with the parent,” Corman said. “After 20 minutes of getting them into a pose, then I will take photos.”
Looking ahead, Corman said she hopes to be able to continue her photography business for a very long time.
“I love it,” she said. “It is not at all what I thought I would be doing with my life. I did not have a plan. I did not graduate college. I am self-taught and I have taken a lot of classes online — a lot of mentorships. I have a lot invested. Eventually, I would like to have an actual studio outside the home offering different types of sessions.”

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