Bill’s Saloon on Connemara Golf Course creates
warm, inviting atmosphere for customers

Bill’s Salon, located on the Connemara Golf Course, is a place that offers customers wonderful hospitality and great service, said events and pub supervisor Anna Maconochie.
Located at 2327 Lexington Road, the saloon is open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Menu prices range from $3 to $9 and include a wide variety of items such as burgers, hot dogs, quesadillas, wrapped sandwiches and hot sandwiches, as well as a variety of traditional sandwiches and salads. The saloon also serves chili and soup as well as many side dishes such as coleslaw, deviled eggs, potato salad, macaroni salad and fresh fruit.
Although Bill’s Saloon is located on a golf course, customers do not have to be members to enjoy the dining options the establishment has to offer.
“We welcome everyone as if they are part of the Connemara family,” Maconochie said. “With our great service, first timers will expect great food in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our chef, Huston Miller, is a Sullivan University graduate who has 10 years of culinary experience. Huston would be happy to work with customers to create their perfect menu.”
A perfect menu, Maconochie said, is part of the many events Bill’s Saloon offers customers. The menu offers a variety of buffet options with endless possibilities, but Maconochie said the saloon also offers customers sit-down and reception style parties if they prefer.
“We can create a menu that will fit perfect with the taste and theme of the event,” Maconochie said. “From our centerpieces to our personalized gifts, we create an individualized party experience.”
One of the most popular events at Bill’s Saloon is happy hour, Maconochie said.
“It is not a typical bar happy hour. It is a scheduled event that we call happy hour,” Maconochie said. “People usually schedule it from 4 to 6 p.m., and parties can be themed. For example, we just did a Halloween happy hour. Guests were given an opportunity to make their own caramel apples, decorate Halloween-shaped sugar cookies and wash it all down with a Witch’s Brew drink special. We have had some in the past where all the host requested was an open bar and some appetizers like a Crudité Platter, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Beer Cheese or any other appetizers they may need. These types of events are popular because we have such a gorgeous venue.”
The venue also plays host to a large number of baby and bridal showers throughout the year, as well as Christmas parties.
“We can customize the client’s menu to make sure they are getting exactly what they are imagining at their Christmas party,” Maconochie said. “We also have a live Christmas tree in the entrance of the saloon, as well as a decorated house including live garland hung throughout the house.”
Bill’s Saloon also offers meeting rooms for those looking to book a personal space. These include three rooms located above the pro shop — the Ben Hogan room, Arnold Palmer room and Jack Nicklaus room. Each room caters to different needs.
The Ben Hogan room seats 10 to 12 people and features a large board room style table, A/V hookups and a projector.
The Arnold Palmer room seats eight to 10 people and is used more for fine dining. The Jack Nicklaus room seats six to eight people and is the smallest of the three, used for more intimate meetings.
“From the expansive views of Connemara golf course to the unbelievable 19th Century craftsmanship of the club house, Bill’s Saloon will certainly be the perfect venue for your next event,” Maconochie said.

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